Emma's Holiday Gift Guide

Emma’s Holiday Gift Guide

I put together a holiday gift guide full of things on my Christmas List and things I’m giving others. For runners, readers, cooks, ladies, and gents. Something for everyone!

For The Runner

Emma Mini Resistance Bands– For injury prevention and strength work. I use them every. single. day.  Check out videos on how I incorporate them into my routine!

Emma Bands

New Balance 880– I have been wearing this shoe for the last 5.5 years and love it. It is cushioned and neutral and a great shoe for every day.

Toe Spreaders– Give your toes some space! When we wear shoes, our toes and metatarsals are confined which can lead to foot injury and soreness. I try to use toe spreaders on a daily basis when I’m relaxing watching tv.

For The Reader

Mindset– by Carol Dweck. I read this for the first time in early 2016 when I was struggling with an Achilles injury during the prep for the Rio Olympics. I read it again a year later. It discusses Fixed vs Growth mindsets and really helped me with my perspective on my running and my life. A must(!!) read for any athlete.

Strong – by Kara Goucher. A great gift for anyone, especially those hoping to find some confidence. Kara talks about her own journey with confidence and finding her strong. She also includes essays from some of her friends (like me!) sharing stories of their own confidence. Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here 

How We Got To Now– by Steven Johnson. For those people that find themselves down the Wikipeida wormhole (that’s me!). A quick read detailing the history of 6 inventions and, you guessed it, how we got to now. Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here 

Endure – by Alex Hutchinson. A great read for athletes to help better understand the cutting edge science and physiology behind endurance. Alex is a great storyteller, so its hard to put this book down. If you enjoy anything by Malcolm Gladwell, you will love this book.  Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here

Sapiens – by Yuval Noah Harari. History of humankind. It’s a long read but I loved it. Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here


For The Cook

Zyliss Chopper– This was a gift from my friend, Lottie (@runningonveggies) and it is my favorite thing in my kitchen. A big time saver when a lot of chopping is involved.  At the end of a long training day I’m pretty tired, so having this tool in my kitchen has made cooking much easier and quicker.

Silpat– I love to bake and rely on my silpat mats to make my chocolate chip cookies not stick. They are affordable, reusable and a substitute for parchment paper. A great gift for any baker.

Cravings– Easily my favorite cookbook ever.  The recipes are delicious and INDULGENT. Perfect.  Also, I think Chrissy Tiegen is hilarious and its always nice to have a laugh while reading a recipe. Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here 

Run Fast East Slow– A cookbook for any athlete wanting to make healthy meals. Written by Elyse Kopecky and NYC Marathon Champion Shalane Flanagan. Hey, if its good enough for one of the best runner of all time, its good enough for me! Check your local book store and if they don’t have it, buy here

For Everyone

Helix DNA Kit– Learn all about yourself. Through Helix I learned my history, wellness, and traits through the Helix DNA Discovery Kit. Helix offers a few different kits, check them out here.

Elk Run Merch – quantities are very limited, but we have Merch from the 2018 Elk Run 5k. Cool, retro designs. We won’t be ordering any more from this year’s designs, so once we are out, WE ARE OUT FOR GOOD!

Emma Coburn's Elk Run 5k

Scarpetta– delicious wine from our friend, Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and his business partner, chef Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson. Bobby has run countless marathons and is a HUGE running fan.  Great price, lots of variety. The Prosecco Brut NV is delicious.

Airpods– I was a late adopter to AirPods – I was convinced I would lose them – and they are great.  I’ve been doing a lot of cross training (biking & elliptical) lately while I build up my mileage and I have worn these EVERY day.

Elta MD Sunscreen– Good for running or daily use. I use it every day!


For the Ladies

New Balance: Varsity Chenille Crew. I’m always a fan of big logos and crew neck sweatshirts. This is a perfect combo.

247- These are my current favorite lifestyle shoes from New Balance. I wear these most days- so cute, very comfortable too.

Tocca Stella Perfume– my favorite perfume for the last 10 years. I’m usually wearing this and Old Spice deodorant…not a traditional combo but it works.

Lush Dry Shampoo– for the days you prioritize crushing brunch post workout over washing your hair (no judgment people). My teammate, Dominique, gifted this to me and its my fave dry shampoo because it is scented and makes you feel fresh! Its best for people with lighter hair though because it is white powder.

For The Gents

Men’s fresh foam Cruz knit v2– Super cool, these can be worn with anything. Joe has many pairs and I’ll probably be giving him another pair at Christmas!

NB heat loft crew– I love this one. My brothers will be getting this (hopefully they aren’t reading this!!).

Stocking Stuffers

Emma Mini Resistance Bands– a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone. Emma Mini Bands come with a carrying bag and 5 different bands of varying difficulty. Great for pre-run drills or for an easy at home workout.

Tocca Hand Cream– My mom, err I mean Santa, usually gives me something like this every year in my stocking.  With winter right around the corner, and living in an already dry climate, it’s a battle to keep my hands soft.  Tocca is my go to.  So pretty, smells amazing, and perfect for dry winter hands.

New Balance Socks– perfect motivation for a Christmas run.


**Note: These items are all just things I genuinely love! I make a few dollars from the mini resistance bands, Elk Run Merch sales go to a local charity and operations for the event, and I am sponsored by Helix and New Balance, but no products on the list are sponsored content.

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